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Meanwhile, here's Russell Westbrook's night. pic.twitter/g2mVDEHn91— Mark (@tole_cover) June 2, 2017 We can chalk this move up to NBA Live Coins pettiness, but maybe Russ is just really into Whoopi Goldberg movies. This is absolutely acceptable, because I at age 8-13 was SERIOUSLY into some Whoopi Goldberg movies. Last night Russ caught Sister Act 2 on HBO, but unfortunately this might be his only chance to overwrite the NBA Finals with Whoopi. So this is his chance to preplan for the rest of the series and watch six more Whoopi Goldberg movies.



Game 2, June 4: Sister ActRuss went down the Buy NBA Live 18 Coins path-less-traveled by starting with the sequel first, so he HAS to circle back around and find out where Deloris’ habit began. It’s probably been eating him up — poor guy.Game 3, June 7: Jumpin’ Jack FlashSo many of the Whoopi family of movies revolve around criminal entities wanting to kill her. What’s up with that?




 If you were a movie producer in the late ‘80s - early ‘90s and you needed someone to be tracked and killed, then invariably someone would say “What about Whoopi Goldberg?” In any event, Jumpin’ Jack Flash is probably the best of this ilk. While we’re here, we need to take a quick detour to talk about this movie’s posters. So here’s the original poster in the US: via IMDB




 It’s fun. It’s surprising. But look what happened when it went to Europe: via IMDB WHY DID THEY CHANGE THE FONT AND GIVE WHOOPI A GIANT TOOTHBRUSH AND PENGUIN SHOES?! Game 4, June 9: EddieNow THIS isn’t just a movie choice, it’s poetry. The Warriors could be closing out the series on this game — so Russ watches a basketball-themed movie.


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