Profile Stats:

Fournier ranked ninth in true shooting. (Last year: Not ranked) + Excellent three-point shooter and one of the best (41.1%) above the break + Racks up points within  at NBA Live Coins a role, doesn’t need to deviate to be effective – No-show defender who hasn’t shown much aptitude in coverage – Only a so-so passer, capping the value of his work off the dribble NBA


94. Cody Zeller, PF, Hornets Share Rob Mahoney Monday September 12th, 2016 To be big, mobile, and active goes a long way in the modern NBA. Those underlying qualities alone make Zeller a helpful team defender—quick enough to cover the necessary ground and long enough to Buy NBA 2K18 MT contest shots at the rim. Those strengths are mirrored, too, on offense through the speed of Zeller’s rolls and the strength of his finishes.


 Zeller doesn’t command the ball nor could he do all that much with it if he did. Most of his modest scoring comes by diving through open space and making himself available. Its an endeavor more of persistence than creativity, yet on balance it offers just the kind of dependable, straight-line action that many NBA offenses need. In lieu of the spectacular,


 Zeller operates fills a predictable lane with solid, two-way play.(Last year: Not ranked) + Balanced, unassuming contributor who doesn’t take anything off the table + Found his comfort zone as soon as his team gave him the space needed to succeed – After three years in the league, Zeller has yet to show any reliable shooting range – Most comfortable as an NBA player in a limited, tertiary role NBA


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