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Tom Brady reached yet another milestone and the Patriots are making Jeff Fisher remember things Tom Brady has bee the most-winning quarterback of Madden Mobile Coins all time. He got his 201st against the Rams, the same team he beat in Super Bowl XXVI, the game that started the legend. (The Patriots broke out their inner troll to celebrate that Super Bowl win with the Rams in town too).


A 26-10 win was an easy one for the Cheap Mobile Madden Coins Patriots, who adjusted to losing Rob Gronkowski by running the hell out of the ball, 29 total carries for 133 yards, 4.6 yards per attempt and one touchdown. That touchdown was a 43-yard breakaway by LeGarrette Blount, one that a Rams defender was not having any part of stopping with a one-on-one tackle.


 Blount made it clear that Rams head coach Jeff Fisher wouldn’t be forgetting the names of the Patriots running backs anytime soon. Neither will the rest of us. The Patriots will lean even more on their ground game now that Gronk is out of the mix for the rest of the season and into their playoff run. Speaking of Jeff Fisher, it was reported Sunday that he had already signed a two-year contract extension with the Rams, a reward for all that great work!


How does this man stay employed for so long? His excuse-making is some next level shit. Snow Madden NFL! For the first time this season snow fell on a pair of games in a measurable amount. Unfortunately the games weren’t all that great. But snow! We also learned that snow angels can get you penalized sometimes. The 49ers-Bears game turned out exactly like you’d expect, except for Chicago scoring 26 points and Colin


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