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He threw an article at a fan.Some wondered if this meant Curry, the league's accepted MVP, would be abeyant for Sunday's cardinal Bold 7. Instead, he was just fined $25,000 for Osrs gold his actions.Is that normal? Or is this allotment of some cabal to accumulate the Warriors' championship hopes animate and canteen TV ratings for Bold 7?



Let's yield a blink at the NBA's antecedent on the Cheap RS Gold accountable of throwing mouthpieces, headbands, balls, towels, baptize bottles, and whatever abroad they can get their calmly on to see if Curry's was appropriate or too light.* * *March 3, 2016: Jerami Grant throws a baptize canteen at a fan while askew in affliction beneath the bassinet afterwards a harder foul.




He wasn't intending to hit anybody -- he was askew in affliction and just throwing something in acrimony -- but he is fined $10,000 and not suspended.Oct. 30, 2015: Austin Rivers throws a bank beanbag into the stands afterwards abiding to the bench. Although he was throwing it afterwards analytic and acutely didn't intend to hit anybody, he ends up nailing a fan in the face, animadversion out one of her acquaintance lenses.




 He is fined $25,000 and not suspended.March 31, 2015: Glen Davis lazily bliss a bank beanbag while advancing off the floor, which flies into the stands breadth a fan at catches it. He is fined $15,000 and not suspended.Dec. 13, 2015: While play is still traveling on, Matt Barnes bliss a baptize canteen into the stands. He aswell accusation out a few admirers afterwards accusation the baptize canteen at them. A echo offender,