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I think you're coming cheap wow classic gold from

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I think you're coming cheap wow classic gold from a strange place when you seem to think that individuals expect WoW Classic to be like a new adventure. People wanted WoW Classic BECAUSE they played and knew WoW Classic, they didn't need a new fresh encounter. Also just re-balancing the numbers is a dumb idea which I wager you gave no thought in any way. It could be fine in PvE but boosting damage or decreasing mana prices for poorer classes would have a massive impact in PvP, largely for hybrid classes which are not anywhere near as weak in PvP as in PvE. Fundamentally it is a horrible idea to change the numbers only, they'd have to modify the classes completely if they were to try to balance vanilla. Why do people like you act like PvE is the one thing which matters in WoW Classic and don't give a single idea about how this affects the PvP'ers??

I believe it will be a fantastic while before WoW Classic becomes rancid. I played WoW Classic, from launch til TBC. I never tanked or treated, and I just set foot MC after, which was my whole raid experience. For me this will be a chance to experience WoW Classic again, yet this time with much more skill and comprehension of what im doing, in all the regions that I never got around to, or wasnt aware of. To me those games are classic WoW Classics that I keep returning to, and I expect WoW Classic will become one of these:-RRB-?

As mentioned in last WoW Classicast, most no-changes individuals wouldnt mind when they balanced some things a bit, the issue is that with so many folks, so many opinions, its far"safer" to only create one bigger community about no changes so it isnt like. . You changed this so now you should change this too. Its much safer to blizzard, because every switch is a danger to provoke a riot as possible. No changes is only the safe path of action.

I believe classes should be changed after some weeks of Naxx releasing, they then could make a reset, rather like D3 does with seasons, and let players redo everything again but using new course changes and all, let people experience WoW Classic themselves hand once again because if Blizzard makes class changes in the Get Go people will begin bitching and state everything was perfect with how WoW Classic was originally, individuals are able to experience how some courses were and then they can see why Blizzard decided to change and/or improve from these classes and let them do the changes as well.

Fans of WoW Classic need to check out the achievement of Old classic wow gold School Runescape and think about how WoW Classic taking the same approach will likely benefit in precisely the exact same way. It could possibly be fresh content, but all of it is in accordance with the doctrine of this old game, so it's accepted. WoW Classic as a sandbox would potentially be the best MMO to exist. I believe that would even give us more nostalgia, as I think most people played WoW as a sandbox when we were kids anyway.


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