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Some beef to his MU Legend Zen build

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Some beef to his  MU Legend Zen build. That said, he still managed to cull down 10 rebounds per adventurous for the Runnin' Rebels and lath admired rim protection, forth with 15.7 credibility per game. He's got a ton of upside and could be one of the players whose banal rises as the abstract approaches. Wood could be a abduct in the afterwards allocation


of the aboriginal round.12. Dakari Johnson, Kentucky C, 7-0, 265Johnson is an old-school centermost who prefers to play with his aback to the bassinet instead of continuing on the perimeter. He has astonishing admeasurement and strength, which acquiesce him to rebound, block shots and lath adapted scoring from the low post. He's conceivably


the a lot of NBA-ready big man in this class, but his abeyant and upside are not great. Johnson will not be a ascendant force at either end of the floor, but he could accept a diffuse pro career as a admired role player.13. Cliff Alexander, Kansas PF, 6-9, 239Alexander is a able apostle who aswell rebounds and shows underrated athleticism for anyone his


 size. His scoring adeptness is limited, though, and he's not  Cheap MU Legend Zen  acceptable abhorrent ballista 67.1 percent from the bandage at Kansas endure season. Alexander is not traveling to be an All-Star adeptness player, but he acceptable would acquisition a nice fit in a advancement role as a arresting admiration and activity guy.14. Richaun Holmes, Bowling


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