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Lottery protections FIFA Coins via TwitterBobbyMarks42Philly could have as many as four or five firstround selections in 2016, including two potential top10 picks its own and the Lakers' if it's outside the top three. The Sixers also could have multiple firstrounders in 2017 and 2018.The 76ers have enough assets, both in young players and draft picks to be in a


position to acquire a superstar when one bees available via trade. If there's another James Harden situation, the Sixers, if they choose, could be in on it.Patience in the Big Apple, FinallyThe Knicks have tried to pete for most of the last five years with signings and trades designed to win now. Instead, the Knicks have missed the playoffs in each of the


 last two seasons after qualifying from 201011 through 201213.This strategy has left them without many valuable assets. New York has made just three firstround picks in the last six drafts and only one of them, 2015 fourth overall selection Kristaps Porzingis, has the potential to be a foundational player.The Knicks also don't own their 2016 firstround


pick because they traded it for Andrea Cheap FIFA Coins Bargnani in a classic Knicks trade gone bad. The only way for them to acquire quality assets is by trading Carmelo Anthony, but how many teams will be willing to give up young players andor good draft picks for an aging star whose offensive production is no longer elite? He's also a below average defender


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