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Warriors on Sunday no NBA 2K18 MT music

By: mmogofifaWANG
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Warriors on Sunday no NBA 2K18 MT music no dancers or Jumbotron entertainment during timeouts Kinda neat yeah Well Draymond Green was NOT PLEASEDI could just drop in Rudy Goberts INSANE tipin gamewinner and slink away But we need to talk about Willie CauleySteins nearhomicide of Gobert and Goberts immense bravery in putting himself


in the line of fire This would have been the dunk of the year SB Nation NBA would have assigned multiple thinkpieces off it But Gobert got up there hit CauleyStein in the chest and still almost found himself on a poster WCS made two free throws anyway But Goberts valor in accepting potential ridicule should be recognized His sacrifice almost


 gave us a screaming poster AlmostSpeaking of dunks Team Flight Brothers recreate NBA JamFestus Ezeli in an effort to stay on brand as really weird will have the NBAs first ever surgery involving a cadaver donorSpeaking of weird KarlAnthony Towns dad might sue the Timberwolves because of an injury suffered in a mascot stuntAnd finally


shout out to SB Nations new editorinchief Elena Bergeron Cheap NBA 2K18 MT Shes been the executive editor of for a while now and has been awesome Shell continue to be awesome in her new bigger role Were all very excited here so you should be excited tooAndrew Bogut broke his leg just seconds into his debut with the Cavaliers It was shocking disappointing


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