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Puts him in the conversation FIFA 18 Coins as

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Puts him in the conversation FIFA 18 Coins as a top pick He might be a risk but its calculated Its easy to see him developing into a versatile role player and in the right situation those glue guys sometimes blossom into something specialKevin OConnor can be contacted on Facebook and Twitter KevinOConnorNBA Its hard to imagine now but the Toronto


Raptors were actually giving the Cleveland Cavaliers a game at one point in Tuesdays Eastern Conference Finals opener They got off to a fast start and trailed by just five points entering the second quarter Less than six minutes later the Raptors were down and well on their way to an embarrassing and disheartening road lossA lot went wrong for


Toronto and right for Cleveland over that stretch runs like this are rarely the result of a single factor But its no coincidence that the Cavaliers blew the game open and ran the Raptors off the floor once Channing Frye checked inFrye played just under minutes Tuesday night finishing with eight points three rebounds and one assist A fine line but nothing


spectacular That is until you see that the Cavaliers Cheap FIFA 18 Coins outscored the Raptors by points in the minutes Frye was on the floor Once again Fryes presence his knockdown shooting the threat of his knockdown shooting and his defensive versatility served as the fuel to the Cavaliers unstoppable offensive engineEverything with Frye starts with his pictureperfect


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