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And going back to the end of poe currency last

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And going back to the end of poe currency last season Bird pushed Vogel to alter his offensive strategy Increasingly hes been a backseat driver and in public which is not incumbent on an executive especially one whose roster didnt quite fit the style he prescribed but thats a separate argument Its not a good look to coach like that from the front office


but Larry Bird does not traffic in good looksThe final piece of context here might be the one underlying all of this years ago Larry Bird fired himself from coaching the Pacers Bird holds an unusual theory that players tune coaches out after three seasons something he addressed before taking the Indiana job in the first placLarry Bird


doesnt believe in longtenured coaches pictwitterVIDaXTX yung livelybody OUBRELIBRE May And indeed in Bird canned the coach after three seasons even though that coach happened to deliver one of the best seasons in Pacers history and happened to be Larry Bird So if anything Vogel got more than his fair share of opportunity


by Birds rulesThats Larry Bird As a player hed tell poe currency buy you how he was going to beat you then beat you As a coach hed make a promise to quit then keep that promise in spite of himself As a manager of players hell shittalk you then send you packing As a president hell secondguess you repeatedly then let your contract fizzle And hell let


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