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Always was but without poe currency the trademark

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Always was but without poe currency the trademark defense that made him a key cog on good teams All that was left was the irritation factor Nobody signed him in the season Last year he played poorly in limited minutes with the Clippers but he still managed to find a way to upset opponents even in games he didn't play He upset Draymond


Green by bumping into him during a postgame interviewJones has long claimed his actions from undercutting Kobe to bumping Green have been unintentional If asked he'd probably claim he didn't mean to smack Biyombo in the junk either But I'd bet he knows what he's doing He's managed two incidents with important opposing


players with virtually no playing time That doesn't happen by accidentJones has found a way to be useful to NBA teams despite the fact that he no longer has NBAlevel basketball talent He's a smart guy a Duke grad He knows that to get teams to sign him and not [X player who most likely is better at basketball than Dahntay Jones]


he has to provide a service nobody else can And he's poe trade currency doing itDahntay Jones will earn a few thousand dollars for his service to the Cavaliers and by punching a good opposing player in the penis I suppose he's earned it My only hope is that his actions don't actually affect the playoffs in any way because I like basketball and Jones is


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