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Withpercent of the FIFA Coins votes Kobe Bryant

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Withpercent of the FIFA Coins votes Kobe Bryant was right behind him once again percent of the rookies still like Kobe better than anyone else in the league despite the fact that he played a binedgames over the past two seasonsBryant is a living legend at this point It really doesn't matter how he performs or whether he's even on the court These


players grew up watching him dominate and will continue to worship him and the image he's built The survey is another reminder that the league will miss Kobe dearly if this is in facthis last yearRondae HollisJefferson is the funniest Justin Anderson the most athleticLast season Joel Embiid tweeted his way to the top of the funniest


rookie list This time the Nets' Rondae HollisJefferson claimed the title with a whoppingpercent of the votes He also got the most votes for best defender Apparently HollisJefferson locks guys up and makes them laugh when he's on the courtDallas' Justin Anderson meanwhile edged out twosport star Pat Connaughton for most athletic


rookie It's not hard to see whyAnderson posted Buy FIFA Coins a inch max vertical at the bine and is fearless Make sure to tune in to some Mavericks games to see him do that against defendersOther winnersBest shooter Devin Booker SunsBest playmaker D'Angelo Russell LakersBiggest steal of the draft Joe Young Pacerssvg width height


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