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Time the league FIFA 18 Coins stops

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Time the league FIFA 18 Coins stops letting the Spurs keep good players and prospects for cheap Danny Green stayed at a discount last season Patty Mills and Boris Diaw are bargains Make San Antonio pay dearly to keep Boban or make them release him in the wildfigure eimagenoscriptnoscriptfigureRobert HanashiroUSA TODAY Sports Rajon


Rondo Sacramento KingsUnrestrictedRondo's rehab season with the Kings has gone spectacularlywith the glaring exception ofhis verbal attack on referee Bill Kennedy Rondo still can't shoot worth a lick from the line or behind the arc so he's still a point guard who creates his own spacing problems But he's the most creative passer in


the league he's the Boogie whisperer and he's clearly a valuable playerThe bad news for Rondo is that due to past infractions loafing in Boston feuding in Dallas his market will be fairly limited The good news for Rondo is that the Kings will absolutely be interested in being held hostage by him and so he'll almost assuredly get whatever


he wants without having to take a single meeting outside Buy FIFA 18 Coins of Sacramento Zaza Pachulia Dallas MavericksUnrestrictedPachulia saved the Mavericks' season Well at the least he saved Mavericks fans from getting a full dose of JaVale McGee this year In all seriousness Dallas was not supposed to survive the DeAndre Jordan saga and yet


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