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Charlotte won on RuneScape gold a

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Charlotte won on RuneScape gold a magnificent Troy Daniels three Troy Daniels manBoogie droppedpoints over the last two games He did it for Mike Prada Bill Simmons and every other analyst who left him off their AllStar rosters He did it for you guysSAVVY Kemba Walker had a chance to win it in regulation with two free throws He hit the first


Rajon Rondo directed traffic and whatnot and effectively iced Kemba for likeseconds on the second Kemba missed itTYWIN LUE The Cavs won Ty Lue is off the hot seat Shout out to Kyrie Irving for spinning Tayshaun Prince off the face of the planetSCORES GALORE MINCLE BOSWAS MIACHI ORLMEMOTHOUNOP


ATLDEN DETUTA CHASACOTSASGSWLike reallySTANDINGS CHECK There's a modicum of order in the East with Cleveland Toronto Atlanta and Chicago in the top four spots and Boston Detroit sliding Miami and Indiana following Charlotte New York Washington and Orlando remain in the mix but it's getting tighter at the


low endIn the West the status quo towards the top is buy RuneScape gold holding though Dallas is in danger of getting passed by Houston for NoSacramento maintains a onegame lead on both Portland and Utah for NoThe Blazers and Kings meet Tuesday night in Rip City Playoff ramifications yo Denver and New Orleans are slipping out of the race and


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