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Of Brandnew titles PUBG Skins both

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Of Brandnew titles PUBG Skins both within the RuneScape universe and beyondJagex has responded to's petition for additional information abouhe new hires it's making. The firm says that it is improving the groups working on both Old School and regular RuneScape and it is also investing inbrandnew titles  both in the world


of RuneScape and outside. Note 'names'  there is probably more than one new project in the works over ahe Cambridgebased developer. Along with the recently declared senior hires in publishing and marketing we're strengthening our development and productionteams for our current living games of RuneScape and Old School and we're


investing in the creation of brand new titles bothinside the RuneScape universe and beyond it manager of talent acquisition Peter Lovell explained. With the continuing success of the RuneScape franchise our investment in new titles as well as the abundance of opportunitiesafforded by our important publishing ramp up we're looking for


seasoned arech and advertising professionals to join buy PUBG Skins a growingelite group. There's never been a better time to speak to us in Jagex as we bring life into the living games of the futureFirst story RuneScape giant Jagex appears to be working on a brand new unannounced MMO title. That's according to jobs listings on its careers website



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