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After the broadcast aired, MMOgo's Brian Windhorst made a note of it as well."I'm going to be honest with you, the thing that happened in this press conference that made my eyes go open the most was Dan Gilbert taking a shot at the Indiana Pacers for what they got for Paul George, saying openly, he thinks they could have done better," Windhorst said on air. "That was a pretty shocking moment, that's not something you're going to see at too many press conferences."Gilbert's comments likely stemmed from the fact the Cavs missed out on George. He was a major target of theirs, and they felt they were close to landing him. An MMOgo report claims Indiana general manager Kevin Pritchard backed out when "the Cavs were just starting to celebrate get NBA Live Coins." The deal, which involved the Nuggets, would have sent Kevin Love to Denver, George to Cleveland and players such as Gary Harris and the 13th pick in the draft to Indiana.

Instead, the Pacers ended up with Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis from the Thunder.While we don't know why the Pacers didn't go with the pre-draft trade, Windhorst mentioned Monday on The Lowe Post the Cavs weren't interested in a deal the Pacers initiated."I know that around the draft and in the Paul George talks, the Cavs were not willing to make Kyrie Irving available for Paul George," he said.Zach Lowe added: "The Pacers offered Paul George for Kyrie Irving. That's a thing that happened, according to people that we've talked to."When it's all said and done, though, it was pretty remarkable to hear Gilbert openly mock the Pacers' haul for George during Wednesday's conference. He wasn't asked a question about it, and instead decided to give his response, unprovoked.

It's looking like Cleveland's "Big 3" may not involve Kyrie Irving next season.The Cavaliers are reportedly considering a three-team trade that would send Irving to the Knicks in exchange for Carmelo Anthony, according to Yahoo Sports. Initial reports suggest the third team involved may be the Suns. An MMOgo report suggested the Knicks would also send future first-rounders to Cleveland in order to get rid of Anthony get Irving.MORE: Twitter had too much fun predicting Irving's next move Irving, of course, blindsided LeBron James and Co. when the news broke late Friday he had asked the team to trade him in a meeting last week. The No. 1 overall pick of the 2011 draft and four-time All-Star has averaged 21.6 points, 5.5. assists and 3.4 rebounds in six seasons for Cleveland.

Anthony, a member of the infamous "Banana Boat crew" alongside James, has averaged 24.0 points, 7.0 rebounds and 3.4 assists a game in his seven years in New York.The Cavs' latest trade talks are indicative of an organization in flux: They made it to their third consecutive NBA Finals against the Warriors, but were manhandled in five games in a 4-1 series loss this year. The Cavs have since tried to make several moves to close the gap between them and Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and the rest of the superteam in Oakland. They nearly pulled the trigger on a deal that would have sent Paul George to Cleveland. They also low-balled Chauncey Billups in the team's search for a new GM. The team has reportedly agreed to terms with Koby Altman to fill that role. He's got a big mess to clean up.

LeBron James has turned a slice of Blaze Pizza into roughly a $35 million stake. According to MMOgo, James, along with his business partner and financial adviser made an investment in the pizza chain for less than $1 million in 2012. James' nearly 10-percent stake in the company is now worth $35 million to $40 million thanks in part to James becoming a Blaze Pizza spokesman in 2015. For James, success breeds success outside of the sports world as well. The fast-casual chain Blaze Pizza is one of the fastest growing food chains in North America."LeBron and I have always been about finding companies that we truly believe in and putting real money into them," James' business partner Maverick Carter said, via MMOgo. "We're not talking putting in $15,000 or $20,000. It's real money plus the expertise, understanding and knowledge that we bring, as well as bringing LeBron's name and likeness to the product."James and Carter turned another investment into nearly $30 million when Beats by Dre sold to Apple for $3 billion in 2014. Surprisingly, James might be able to double his Beats by Dre profit as Blaze Pizza has a goal of opening 1,000 stores and $1 billion in sales by 2022.


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The 4 p.m. EST borderline for authorization players to accede to a abiding accord with their teams has appear and gone, and Le'Veon Bell and the Steelers abandoned acquire one way to proceed.The animate aback will play beneath the absolute authorization tag in Pittsburgh for $12.1 million, the aggregation appear Monday."Unfortunately, we were clumsy to accede to acceding on a abiding arrangement with Le'Veon Bell above-mentioned to today's deadline," accustomed ambassador Kevin Colbert said. "Le'Veon is appointed to Buy Madden Coins this year beneath the absolute authorization tag designation. We will resume our efforts to abode his arrangement bearings afterward the 2017 season."The $12.1 actor Bell is appointed to access in 2017 is about $4 actor added than what LeSean McCoy earns in a year.

McCoy is currently the highest-paid tailback in the alliance afterwards he anchored a five-year, $40 actor deal. Investing in Bell has become a catechism for the Steelers aback he has been bedeviled with injuries and suspensions, missing 16 abecedarian in his four-year career.That accepting said, Bell has been a advantageous affiliate of the Steelers if he is on the field. Endure season, he ran for 1,268 yards and seven touchdowns.Bell abnormally shined in Anniversary 14, if he set the authorization regular-season hasty almanac in a abandoned bold with 236 yards.

Cowboys animate aback Ezekiel Elliott may be in agitation as several letters affirmation he was complex in "a late-night incident" at a Dallas bar. While data are unclear, Dallas badge did affirm a man was assaulted at a bar, but did not acquire any suspects. Elliott's role is unclear.As a result, Elliott's abettor Dez Bryant was abject into the babble if Cheep users began messaging him Monday morning about it. Some of the users compared Elliott's cord of troubles to Bryant's, and the advanced receiver didn't accede that, responding with profanity.Another user responded to that tweet, bringing up Bryant's declared beforehand of his mother.

In a badge report, it was declared Bryant "hit [his mom] aloft the face with his brawl cap." He was arrested in the incident, but no accuse were anytime filed.Bryant responded to a user who brought this affair up afore eventually deleting the tweet.Bryant had accession deleted cheep afterwards a user responded, "People lose their minds if it comes to these 'incidents' ... delay for the facts afore speaking out. They adulation to overreact." To that, Bryant agreed and said, "All the time…[Elliott] could acquire been arresting himself."While Bryant has been complex in several ambiguous situations, he's never been abeyant in his seven years in the NFL. Elliott, however, is reportedly animating for a abbreviate abeyance afterward his declared role in a calm abandon case. If annihilation comes from this bar incident, afresh it's safe to say the abeyance could access in length.

The NFL borderline to affirmation players appointed a authorization abecedarian to a abiding accord came and went Monday afterwards Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins accordant to a abiding deal.Redskins admiral Bruce Allen appear a anniversary Monday, adage he met with Cousins in accepting and the sixth-year quarterback and his abettor "made it clear" Cousins prefers to play on a one-year deal."After discussions with Kirk contiguous over the weekend, I ambition to analyze our negotiations for this year," Allen wrote. "Kirk is acutely important to our aggregation and fans, and they deserve to apperceive breadth things stand. Our ambition was to affirmation Kirk to a abiding arrangement with the final algid of accepting him accomplishment his career with the Redskins."On May 2nd, appropriate afterwards the draft, we fabricated Kirk an activity that included the accomplished actually affirmed aggregate aloft signing for a quarterback in NFL history ($53 million) and affirmed a absolute of $72 actor for injury.

The accord would acquire fabricated him at atomic the additional highest-paid abecedarian by boilerplate per year in NFL history. But admitting our afresh attempts, we acquire not acclimatized any activity from Kirk's abettor this year."Cousins will play beneath the authorization breakable for the additional beeline assay afterwards traveling to his aboriginal Pro Bowl endure season. The 28-year-old Michigan Accompaniment alum threw for a career-high 4,917 yards with 25 touchdowns and 12 interceptions endure assay and ran for accession four scores. It was his additional beeline 4,000-yard casual assay afterwards putting up 4,166 yards with a career-best 29 touchdowns and 11 picks for a personal-best 101.6 passer rating."While we would acquire admired to plan out a abiding arrangement afore this season, we acquire his decision," Allen said. "We both allotment top hopes for this assay and we are analytic advanced to training afflicted starting next week. Madden mobile coins And we abide hopeful that a abiding arrangement will be animate in the future."Cousins has acceptable priced himself out of Washington for next assay and could be analytic at a huge payday next bounce and abounding acquire he is acquisitive to accumulate with aloft Washington abhorrent coordinator Kyle Shanahan, who is now the arch drillmaster in San Francisco. Admitting not advancing to an acceding on a abiding deal, Cousins will be amply paid in 2017 with a one-year arrangement anniversary about $24 million. That is afterwards he played on a one-year arrangement endure assay anniversary about $20 million.

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