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Luckily the user of Unstable Air Rune

By mmogono1sale, 2018-01-13

Have you noticed the Lucky Dragonkin Coin is added as a reward of Motherlode Maw last week? Let’s learn the new items from Motherlode Maw and enjoy the quest Witch’s House RuneScape, which has been available for F2P players. And you can buy RuneScape gold on MMOGO Inc..New items including Lucky Dragonkin Coin obtained from Motherlode MawAccording to the RuneScape updates last week, you can obtain some new items from Motherlode Maw, such as Lucky Dragonkin Coin, Slayer VIP Coupon, Gift for the Reaper, and Unstable Air Rune.


Lucky Dragonkin Coin: As a rare reward from the Motherlode Maw, you can use the lucky Dragonkin Coin to unlock the Diddykin pet, which is a small version of mutated Tarshak and does not need feeding. And this pet only has a single growth stage.Slayer VIP Coupon: The potential reward Slayer VIP Coupon will grant the user multiple Slayer VIP tickets.Gift for the Reaper: Another potential reward - Gift for the Reaper will give the user 20 reaper points if used.


Unstable Air Rune: Luckily the user of Unstable Air Rune ( the potential reward from the Motherlode Maw) can get 5,000 Runespan points.Witch’s House RuneScape available for F2P communityThe quest Witch’s House RuneScape requires you to help Harvey to retrieve his lost ball in the garden of Nora T. Hagg.


And from now on every one, whether you are members or not, is free to play it. At the same time, Jagex has improved the quest, including painting the house of RuneScape gold, fixing some bugs etc. Even those who have completed the quest before, can have a different feeling when playing Witch’s House. Wish you good luck to get the Lucky Dragonkin Coin etc and have a smoother experience with Witch’s House RuneScape after you buy RuneScape gold with 5% off code: RSYK5.The mmogo Team Differences between RuneScape Warden Title & the Dormant

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