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From there you'll be osrs gold

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From there you'll be able to save your current backpack worn inventory  or both  as one of a number of presets Then you'll be able to reload that preset from any bank by clicking the 'load' icon next to the preset's entry You can even assign up to two of these as 'quick load' options accessible right from the  osrs gold bank interface itselfIn this way it's easy to quickly gear up for an adventure and your skilling will be smoother than everMembers get five of these presets from the off and free players two If you find you need more you can rent them for a limited time  or even purchase more  using either Bonds Loyalty Points or RuneCoins directly from the interface – there’s no need to go to Solomon’s General StoreEnjoy and if you have any questions head on over to our FAQ~ The Rshot TeamMod MMG on RuneScape MicroPayments Guided by Rshot Team  rshot.


Hi Everyone I&rsquom Mark Gerhard Jagex&rsquos CEOI wanted to respond briefly to a topic that&rsquos had quite a lot of discussion inside the RuneScape munity recently &ndash micro paymentsMicro paymentbased services such as items on Solomon&rsquos General Store or Treasure Hunter are an essential part of helping keep RuneScape as a healthy business If we didn&rsquot offer micro payments we would either need to more than double the cost of monthly membership for everyone or halve the size of the RuneScape team or otherwise make other rather unpalatable choices which we&rsquod rather not contemplate&hellip.


And with a healthy business we can and will continue to pour our love into RuneScape at an enviable scale  RuneScape employs a full time development team of around  dedicated professionals and totals well over  when you include munity infrastructure and customer supportThis allows us to release weekly game updates run munity events run charity events run Old School make videos run livestreams invest in content and marketing for new players run entirely free game worlds create a burgeoning mobile app perform extensive.


R&ampD into new technologies to guarantee RuneScape&rsquos future and continue to hire more great talent from the RuneScape munityIt also means we can offer features like Bonds which allows players to pay simply through play and close to my heart have much of a packed release schedule now buy rs gold decided entirely by the munityOur sole intent with micro payments is to provide interesting but optional services for RuneScape players &ndash fun items new visuals or greater convenience for those that may want it It&rsquos NEVER our intention to undermine the games core contentWe&rsquore human and we occasionally make mistakes.