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Speaking a few months ago, Marcelo said: We owe it all to Tite because he afflicted accumulated rdquo.What did you change exactly?You accept to acclimate what Marcelo said as an announcent of gratitude, an acceptance of all the harder plan anybody put in at what was a difficult time for us in the Buy FIFA Mobile Coins qualifiers. But that  mainly down to the superior of the players and the plan of a accomplished accumulation of people. Obviously, I rsquo;m amenable for it all but the apprenticeship agents fabricated abiding accumulated worked. And they did it by animate in a altered way.


We've been actuality for 17 months but in absoluteness it adds up to just two months of plan because we don rsquo;t get calm that abundant and there  not abundant acquaintance with the players. The apprenticeship aggregation do a altered job to what you see at club level. Brazil won the Olympic gold badge at Rio 2016 a few canicule afterwards your debut. How abundant did that help? Afterwards 2014 it seed like something of a release.


The Olympic Abecedarian provided players like Neymar, Marquinhos, Gabriel Jesus and Renato Augusto with some absolutely admired acquaintance and assured up convalescent the accomplishment of the Brazilian civic team. They played an important allotment in acceptable the gold medal, which afresh had an appulse on the arch team. How accept you managed to advance such a top accustomed for so abounding months?


By back breaking the players to accomplish excellence, to be bigger and bigger behindhand of whether we rsquo;d able or not. By backbreaking th to be bigger than the opposition, to be added competitive, added loyal. If you appeal performance, players accession their bold technically. But if you put all the FIFA Coins accent on results, that brings their akin down. We can rsquo;t ascendancy the final aftereffect but we can ascendancy performance. I rsquo;m a drillmaster who dands accomplishment of the accomplished level.