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Russia will face recession which FIFA Coins

By: mtnba2k
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Russia will face recession which maylast until 2030, the paper FIFA Coins writes.- Russian companies Sberbank, Gazprom and MTS patented theircorporate colours - green, blue and red respectively. Now anycompany having these colours in their logos may be sued, thepaper reports.

Russia's economy ministry plans to spend some 150 billionroubles ($1.93 billion) to support state development bank VEB,the daily Opposition politician Mikhail Kasyanov was attacked by apro-Kremlin group in Nizhny Novgorod during an election campaigntrip last week, the daily writes.

Russian state company Rostec may become the main providerand supervisor of the development of communicationsinfrastructure for the FIFA World Championship in Russia in2018, the daily reports.- Retail turnover of DIXY stores in Russia shrank by some4.89 percent year-on-year for the first time in the past sixyears in 2015, the paper reports.RBKwww.rbcdaily.

LetterOne Group, the investment Buy FIFA Coins firm controlled by Russianbillionaire Mikhail Fridman, invested some $200 million in Uberservice app, the daily says.- Russian authorities want to get control over Internettraffic. This will include creation of state monitoring of DNSand IP-addresses, the paper writes.($1 = 77.6615 roubles) (Compiled by Ludmila Danilova) Tom Hardy and Simon Pegg battle it out for WORST British Film BARFTA | Daily Mail Online.