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"Hey ESO gold xbox everyone. If you have been experiencing login errors, we ask that you please try to log into the console megaservers again. While we are continuing to work on resolving the issue, we have found that the issue has been fixed for some players at this point.

SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileDevelopers behind The Elder Scrolls Online, the next MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) behemoth to drop from the popular series, have delivered a new round of beta invites to ring in the new year and bring players back to the land of Tamriel."It's that time again! Get ready to check your email and see if you made it into The Elder Scrolls Online beta," a message from developers ZeniMax Online Studios read on the official website.The announcement reminds wannabe players to be diligent and open up their spam folders, lest they miss out on an opportunity to try the beta version.Invite recipients with email addresses registered on Gmail were also reminded to look into the "promotions" tab of their inboxes. Once they receive an invite, they can create an account and download the client.Official game launches in AprilThe official launch date for The Elder Scrolls Online won't be until April 4, 2014, for Windows PC and Mac users. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will get their chance to pursue the throne in June.ZeniMax promised that eager gamers disappointed not to have received an invite yet will have other opportunities to play the game, one of the most anticipated of 2014."If you don't receive your invite today, don't worry you'll have more chances to explore Tamriel before launch," the company said on its website.The last instalment in the Elder Scrolls series, 2011's Skyrim, sold an estimated seven million units in its first week, according to gaming bloggers.

Hines said there were even attempts at bribery to get in, with one person offering their newborn child and their left arm."We determined that was a bit too high a price to pay for a beta key," Hines said with a laugh. "We have very loyal, enthusiastic, rabid fans that are really into what we are doing and want to be a part of it."While body parts and trading children may be a bit extreme, Hines said there was another family who were so dedicated and loved the franchise so much that they made a life long commitment after the release of "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.""I made an off hand joke that if anybody names their kid Dovahkin (the title given to the main character in the game) you will get free Bethesda games for life," Hines said. "And then somebody actually did.".



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