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Dark wow gold orb is the hex equivalent of soul arrow. It is more of a medium range spell, and is slightly slower than soul arrow, but has a slightly blast radius. In contrast, when dark hail is cast, it will emit several dark projectiles. The caster can use this to two effects used at closed range against a single enemy. It will inflict quit a bit of damage.

To maximise the effects of dark spells and hexes, it is advisable to get the bone staff and then upgrade it to the maximal amount using titanite shards initially (+3), then large titanite shards (+6) and titanite chunks (+9). Use the bone staff until the next best dark casting staff or weapon comes along.

Dark Souls Use Other Hex SpellsDark Fog

Dark fog is the hexer's answer to the poison mist spell. Cast this into an area and lure monsters into the ares. Once exposed, the monsters will take damage continuously for a period of time. Dark fog causes more damage per unit time compared to poison mist. When cast, orbs of darkness congregate around the hero and then lashes out at the enemy. The number of orbs is dependent on the hero's intelligence. orbs will sometimes target different enemies if more than one is present.

The hero can get this spell from Straid of Olaphis and from the kobolds.

The problem with this spell is that it requires both intelligence of 40 and faith of 24 to cast. This may be one too many attribute to concentrate when leveling up. So approach Magerold of Lanafir at Iron Keep and infuse the spell with skeptic splice to lower the faith attribute so one may cast the spell.

Dead Again

This spell, obtained from Stone Trader Chloanne, at the Harvest Valley, is cast on dead bodies. This spell is especially good when used correctly in PvP settings, where the hexer will lure the invading enemies into the area. All the bodies will explode, inflicting damage on the enemy.

Dark Weapon

The weapon in the other hand is imbued with dark damage energy.

Whisper of Despair

This spell will summon a skull which will hover near the enemy and lower the defences significantly for a period of time. Very useful against bosses and invading players. The hero should hold the hex staff in one hand and a powerful weapon in the other. The problem with this spell is that it requires a faith of 25 to cast. This brief period of time is all that is needed for the hero to be more aggressive. However, the hero's vision becomes tunnel like and this may impair effective combat.

Scraps of Life

The hero needs to get this spell from the Gutter.

Resonant Soul, Great Resonant Soul, Climax

This group of spells, which the hero can only get from the Pilgrims of Dark, will fire a dark projectile at the enemy. The resonant group of spells will drain souls and cause more damage.

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