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Cat Eye Problems - Overview

By: pawbeak
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Cats have several specific areas on their body that are prone to problems, this area is generally more vulnerable to certain diseases and conditions. One area of ​​the body is the kidneys and the other is the eyes; Cat eye problems are widespread, so it is important for us to know something about the main conditions so that we can treat our cats better now and in the future.


One eye problem that is commonly referred to in medical terms as neonatal conjunctivitis, is a herpes virus infection. The danger for this condition is that the cornea can injure and which can cause vision problems, so because you can clearly see common eye infections can cause serious quality of life problems.


Often our cats have very dry eyes, this again, may not seem life threatening, but eye scars can occur. To get healthy eyes, our cats (and ourselves) need to produce the right amount of tears and moisture.


Tips for Kitty Care It is in this humidity that vital oxygen and nutrients move to feed the eyes. Fortunately there are a variety of topical lubricants that work well for dry eye problems, although you need to have patience as often your cat doesn't want to sit still, endure trials and you might just keep your cat's eye view.



Very often newborn kittens open their eyes too early and will suffer from dry eye problems, in which case the same care is needed, although lubricating should be much easier.


Be aware of cloudy or pink eyes in your cat, because these are definite signs of infection. In addition to eye infections, some cat breeds have evolved to have very prominent eyes and because they are very susceptible to eye trauma, this trauma may often require surgery to be corrected.

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Breeds that are very vulnerable to this type of injury are Persia, the Himalayas, Burma, and several others.


There is one strange eye problem, we all have no trouble finding it, and this is called entropion, this is a condition where the eyelids of the cat roll in, if this happens, take the cat to the vet immediately. Besides this condition, sometimes the cat's own lashes will irritate their eyes, not surprisingly, this condition is called "eyelash disease".


There are many cat eye problems that are inherited, to better predict whether your cat will have eye problems, there is a test that you can do, it's called the CERF test. Conducting this initial examination is a great way to minimize eye problems, and cats with healthy eyes and eyes are happy cats.