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Colombia was referred to CSGO Skins

By: rsgoldfast

 Luis Bedoya of Colombia was referred to CSGO Skins as "Flemic," afterwards a aggregation he owned.Pena said that as allotment of the affairs for the Copa America accoutrement 2015, 2019 and 2023, additional the 2016 Centennial Copa America, six- and seven-figure payments were fabricated to soccer alliance presidents and the CONMEBOL accustomed secretary, advertisement bulk for assorted events, additional for signing contracts.


He said the money was not recorded on Abounding Play's accustomed accounts."They were abstruse payments," he said.He said money never was beatific anon to CSGO Skins for sale Napout and that instead he was directed by Mariano Jinkis to wire alteration funds to third-party money changers accustomed as cambistas, who answerable a fee of about 3 percent. The cambistas delivered U.S. dollars in banknote to Abounding Play, which was kept in a safe and Pena gave it to Mariano Jinkis in envelopes to bear to Napout.


 Beneath cross-examination, Pena said he had no adeptness of whether Napout accustomed any of the money.Pena testified that added than $10,000 was deducted from the bulk owed to Napout in 2010 as acclaim for Paul McCartney concert tickets that were provided to him.Among the payments were some for the Copa Libertadores, even acceptance Abounding Play did not advantage rights. Pena said his administering declared them as adherence payments.


Pena aswell testified about accumulated advocacy deals for the 2015 Copa: $9 amateur commemoration for MasterCard and Banco Santander; $8 amateur for Kia Motors; $3.2 amateur for Coca-Cola and DHL; $3 amateur for Kellogg; and $1.5 amateur for LATAM Airlines.He said Abounding Play had met with Diego Soraires of Nike and was attempting to advertise accessories rights for Chile's