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we're Maplestory M Mesos worried

By: Rskingdom
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We've actually taken comments like'we're Maplestory M Mesos worried that isĀ  pay-to-win' so everything has been removed by us [that is pay-to-win ]. So we're in a place where we are really thinking through and making sure we are have a lot of a revenue stream to sustain the support in case, you understand we don't make enough. But looking at the appearances of the game, we are extremely confident. Like, the characters are adorable, folks are really into customization right now. So we're confident we can actually maintain our present model and sustain the support.

Games are moving towards a kind of service version that is live, continuously feeding content to the game. Will this be the situation for MapleStory 2? We do have pretty much all of our roadmap planned outside to Q1 2019 for now. It will be like MapleStory where we are planning six when I had been working on the match , seven months ahead. Otherwise, we couldn't receive any localized stuff or optimizations during our services. We're doing this for MapleStory 2. In original MapleStory, some people felt that progress was slow, so they would go to speed up things. How do you really feel about the development system and the tweaks you've made this time around?

In general, the level progression is really fast. Really fast. So, basically getting to level fifty will take. But the difference there is MapleStory 2 includes. As soon as you finish all of the epic quests at the story, you actually reach max level.But what is we have multiple classes, and the main story is shared among all the classes. Players who actually worked on their one [character], we don't want them to go through another same story for the other courses. We are currently creating techniques to level up. So you can just, grind, or go fishing, etc.. XP is dispersed to buy Maple M Mesos all these, anything you would like to do.