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Top Quality Commercial Modular Ice Cube Machine

By: Sebahtstian
Posted in: Bobina de aluminio revestida de PE

Great for restaurant, hotel,supermarket and hositals!

New Design Product!

230Kg per 24Hrs

Trouble free operation and automatic control for easy maintenance!

Superior energy efficiency

Water cleaning  for minimize the risk of bacteria!

Hig level performance of production!

Advantage:Every modern business requires careful control of the cost and revenues to achieve a reasonable profit.The equipment used palys a crucial role in this regards.Our ice machine is not only make greating ice, but also designed to optimize energy, performance and easy to use & maintains.


Stainless steel construction

Freestanding installation

Removeable and washable air fliter

Optiozation design of the energy 

Interlligent fault diagnoisis


Loading quantity: 

20GP: 21pcs    

40HQ: 55pcs

Application: It's provide high output and large capacity with dedicated storage bin to meet the peak demand requirements. Our modular ice maker model are ideal for hospital, restaurants, shcool, industries and supermarket applications.

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