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Rainbow Six Siege Devs Talk Bringing Balance

By: Sletrry
Posted in: Game

Firewall can allow for unique approaches that you wouldn't get from some other conventional FPS. Want to blind fire round a corner without sticking your neck out? Hear someone creeping up behind you to get a simple knife kill?

This Rainbow Six Siege Credits manner of locomotion sets Firewall aside from every other competitive shooter in the marketplace and I would really like to see that the team flesh out exactly what they have started with Zero Hour or expand on it into a brand-new game that may feature more than only the singular game style.

Once you've been removed from the game, you're still able to provide tactical support to your teammates by way of static safety cameras sprinkled throughout each map. Voice chat is at least as important once you're alive as if you are dead, so being able to predict enemy locations is a huge strategic advantage in any situation. I can't tell you how many times my teams' collective butts are saved out of a 1v3 situation just by someone providing overwatch support and calling out when opponents are going to pop out of cover.

At launching and every other night that I've been free to play Firewall: Zero Hour, my sessions can go anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours with no discomfort or issue, so I certainly can recommend this one as a solid title to showcase the ability of virtual reality, especially in the event that you've got a PlayStation Aim control available.

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