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CCNA Justin Evans Hoodie , CCENT, Network+, Security+ Practice Questions: EIGRP, Teardrop Attacks, And More! Computers Articles | February 1 O. J. Howard Hoodie , 2008


To assist in your Cisco and CompTIA exam studies, here are some practice questions on topics from EIGRP to teardrop attacks, and almost everything in between!



To help you in your preparation for your Cisco CCNA, CCENT, and CCNP exams Carlton Davis Hoodie , here are some free practice questions covering everything from EIGRP to the OSI model.? And for you Network+ and Security+ certification candidates, there are questions for you as well on the OSI model and teardrop attacks.? I?ll be adding A+ certification questions in future articles.? Let?s get started!


CCNA 640-802 Exam:


By default, what values are considered by EIGRP when computing a path's metric?


A. bandwidth


B. hop count


C. delay


D. load


E. reliability




Answers: A, C. EIGRP considers bandwidth and delay by default in its route calculations.


Cisco CCENT CompTIA Network+ Certification:


Which layer of the OSI model is generally recognized as the "management layer"?


Answer: The Session layer.


CompTIA Security+ Certification:


Briefly describe the term "teardrop attack".


Answer: IP fragments with large payloads are the method of attack. Issues with the TCP fragmentation reassembly code of Windows NT, 96 Vita Vea Hoodie , and 3.1x (among others) created this opening.


CCNP Certification BSCI Exam:


A non-Cisco router will consider what value first during the BGP best path selection process?




B. origin




D. weight




F. aggregator


Answer: E. On a Cisco router, weight is the first consideration. However, weight is a Cisco-proprietary BGP attribute. A non-Cisco router will consider LOCAL_PREF first.


CCNP Certification BCMSN Exam:


Short answer: How can you change the speed and duplex of multiple ports with one command?


Answer: Use the interface range command to configure multiple ports at one time.


CCNP Certification ISCW Exam:


Which of the following queueing strategies gives priority to interactive, low-bandwidth communications?












Answer: E. That's what Weighted Fair Queueing (WFQ) does!


I?ll see you soon with more Cisco and CompTIA practice questions!

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