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Lenovo Essential B470 Intel Computers Articles | March 26 Pete Maravich Hawks Jersey , 2012

Lenovo is now a days releasing a new series of its laptop that is the B series. This is one of the most advanced series by Lenovo to take an extra edge over it competitors who are rising now a day in the market.

Every product that is launched in the market is always having some good features and few drawbacks. The company always tries to launch a new and better thing in their views and try to make it advanced than the earlier ones. But still few things are kept aside which may cause them losses. So we are going to discuss about the all over areas for the newly released Lenovo Essential B470.

Starting with the good things about Lenovo B470 is that it looks sharper as compared to the other laptops by Lenovo. One of the extra features of it is Nvidia?s GPU which is advantages for it. Talking about the field in which it lacking is its thickness and heavy weight. In other 14 - inch screen laptops they are having slim and very light weight systems but in this they are not having such things.

The laptop Lenovo Essential B470 has been priced along with the Intel Core i5 processor laptops from other PC makers, but at least heaves in the entry-level of the GPU. On comparing the laptop with the earlier release of Lenovo G570, which is a laptop for everyday laptop at a great and affordable price.?But the new released Lenovo Essential B470 is a laptop in budget for the both working at the office as well as at the home.

The body of the laptop is muted but not the glossy one. It is having a plastic body with a dimension of 14 ? inch which make it more resolute and also portable. Its easy portability takes it above the others. Both G570 and B470 are using Intel?s Core i5 processor and same amount of RAM and also the same amount of hard disk space. But the area where comes the major difference is that B470 is having 410M NVidia graphics card which is not present with the G570 laptop. After all it is just the entry level for the GPUs but still the graphic card is going to provide you with a better gaming experience and better performance than the integrated HD 3000 graphics which comes by default in the G570. These all features make B470 an extra advantageous over the G570. It is a good looking smart laptop but the laptop is slightly more expensive than the G570 which is having larger screen of 15 inches.

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