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New Off-White x Air Jordan 1 “UNC” For Sale

By: wyx1991
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Fear is hard to find in the near future a more popular than the New Jordans 2017, this pair in the entire shoe circle, the trend of the world waves off the topic also on September 1 or will be on sale in the news climax . But I believe many fans still hard to really buy this pair of shoes, so in many custom color also created a lot of strength masterpiece.12 generations is also the first pair of full-size zoom air cushion used Jordan shoes, Jordan shoes after the use of zoom air instead. This air cushion feature is thin and tough, and very apt to absorb the rapid rebound while strength, in order for the players to run fast and continuous bouncing to provide sustained. While still using full palm carbon fiber pallet, this design can reduce the burden on the knee.
2017 Air Jordan Shoes is derived from the social platform, custom-made OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 color protection is for street fashion and even the sense of fashion shape, you can see that this pair of shoes in the choice of substrates using all-white carrying, high quality Leather to create a sense of sophistication is self-evident.It is worth mentioning that, OFF-WHITE signature brand features embellished, zebra crossing, manual design people feel more surprises. As one of the most anticipated joint shoes of the year, the two-handed OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1, based on the popular Chicago Bulls white-black-red color, has hit the market by more than 5 digits.
Recently, Kyrie 3 For Sale announced that he was sitting at the table with his signature photo of a fountain pen, sneakers and coffee Don C is also a friend of Don Don and other friends became the first to hit the shoes of the influx of people.Jordan 12 generations, available in 1996. Jordan series of another classic. The most prominent feature of this pair of shoes is the use of distinctive DURABACK material, with natural leather upper, the entire pair of shoes to achieve maximum stability, DURABACK can prevent nudity when the foot sprained, lightweight body shoes, said to be said Jordan's request was to wear barefoot feel.The details are extremely rich, strong sense of the original shoe body printing, hanging Swoosh, with more lace, with the quotation marks on the AIR words, are surprising while leaving her wonder it clever!
Said it is the most popular recently joint Buy Cheap Adidas Yeezy, I am afraid no one object! This pair of OFF-WHITE x Air Jordan 1 in the succession of the Chicago classic Bulls white black and red color, but also into the OFF-WHITE exaggerated and unforgettable unique design concept to deconstruction and anti-deconstruction way, bringing people big Addictive design sense. Whether it is Chicago Black White color scheme, or OFF-WHITE iconic rugged design, make this pair of shoes high degree of recognition! Presumably in the streets, it is also the awe-inspiring "street fighter"! Off-White, a trendsetting brand, has been making frequent moves this year, whether it's co-branded with the Nike Air Presto or a series of stand-alone products introduced earlier. Recently, we have another long-awaited heavyweights finally exposed high-definition exposure is the public's attention of the Off-White x Air Jordan 1,