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New Jordans 2017 has a very bright and beautiful JumpmanLogo, coupled with the innovative shape of shoes, Air Jordan6 is very delicate. At the same time Air Jordan 6 also continued Air Jordan5 plastic lace with elastic buckle design, to know that this design was very popular at that time, almost the same period most people in the eyes of sports shoes good or bad "ruler." Tiner Air Jordan5 used in the plastic buckle buckle design was improved to make it more compact, you can easily tighten the shoelaces, but also played a very good decorative effect.The same to commemorate Jordan's first championship for the theme, this champion champagne color Air Jordan 6 "Champagne" with a shiny green upper, dotted with gold details, and the highlights lies in the tongue, heel shoes and Big end with luminous effect.
In this way, 2017 Air Jordan Shoes has become a pair of epoch-making sense of a pair of shoes. In order to ensure the smooth process of wearing shoes, we deliberately designed some holes in the tongue, the finger can be found from the leveraging point. Michael looked very happy, he suggested that we also use a similar design in the heel. This is the first time that sports functions, fashion elements and humanization are combined together. Through the course of the test proved that this pair of shoes can also be on the ankle can play a very good protective effect.Choose the last day of the sale of Air Jordan 6 "Black Cat", presumably will become the focus of many Sneakerhead attention! Shoes as a whole through the black, all over the toe and shoe body punching texture is the biggest highlight of this time, in the end of the details of the white decoration, like a dark shiny eyes, and insoles on the Logo is the subject, perfect Fit color name!
Inspired by MJ's jackpot jacket in the Kyrie 3 For Sale in 1991, Jordan Brand created the Jordan 6 "Promo Jacket". The biggest feature of the shoe is the upper material from the green suede and nylon stitching, with black elements and crystal at the end of holding, shoes to create a stock of thick retro tough guy wind.As the name suggests is six championship rings, is to commemorate the main fact in his basketball career won six NBA championships and students. Bangzhu in the six finals through six AJ is the generation, respectively, Jordan 6 generation 7 generation 8 generation 11 generation 12 generation 13 generation 6 Rings upper and lower are their shadow, count a very successful hybrid shoes. Said 6 Rings is the gods fit, that is not too much.

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