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In this four-game series with Mariners and Rays, the sailors won the series with 3 wins and 1 defeat, and the winning matches are all 1 point win. It is economically affordable. In the 7 matches with the light in this season, they They also scored a good record of 6 wins and 1 defeat. Five games are 1 point difference, and they also guarantee that they are still quite competitive in the American West.


Although the Mariners had only six hits, but three were homers, all 5 points were contributed by the home runs, and the designated attacking Cruz had a cannon. Sieger and the catcher Zunino each scored 1 point and 2 points for the home run. There were 9 hits in the Shining line, but the score was only 2-10 in t e circle, and the score was poor. In the end, only 4 points were scored, which also showed the key role of  MLB18 Stubs long play in the game.


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The Mets outfielder Brandon Nemo

By xingwang, 2018-06-14

Tyson Gardner, a midfielder who hit a two-run homer in Game 1 of the Metro Battles, had only 1 home run and 10 RBIs before May 9 but since then 21 games hit .364 and there were 4 home runs and 11 RBIs. Gardner said that from cold to hot, it's just a season of ups and downs.


The Mets’ outfielder Brandon Nemo, who hit the first home run in the first game of the Metro Games, was the 13th overall pick in the first round of the Mets in 2011 and went to  MLB18 Stubs the Major League in 2016. This season was a blow against the measurements of .267/.407/.533 and OPS+ of 161 (100 for the league average).


The Mets signed a one-year contract with Jose Bautista on May 23. The 37-year-old veteran Batista was selected to the All-Stars six times during the season of the Blue Jays, three silver gloves and four nominations for the MVP. His career battle against the Yankees hit 36 ??homers and is the most active player.


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For the Red Sox

By xingwang, 2018-06-13

For the Red Sox, the ace in the game, Chris Seltzer, played well in the game. He lost 6 points in 6 games and hit 10 strikeouts and 1 save. He also had a 100-speed ball in the fifth inning, but his teammates did not have the firepower to support the loss. The Red Sox had only three hits in the entire game, with Benin Tendy, Bogartz and Devers both contributed.


In the White Sox, the first striker Kewei voted 6 points in 3 games and 0 points, and 7 strikeouts and 1 save to win the win. There are only six hits in the white socks of  MLB18 Stubs the line. Smith has contributed two of them. In addition, Anderson, Long Dong, Thompson and Tilsen each have a hit.


The protagonist of today's double-socks World War is undoubtedly Chris - Sel. Before Selmer's performance in both games was very bad, but in the face of the old club, Searle will undoubtedly have something to do. Serre made 13 games this season with a record of 5-3. He lost 27 points in 81 games, and the rate of self-rating was 3.00. The White Sox sent an unfamiliar pitcher, Dylan Kwee, who started 1-1 in four games this season, dropped 7 points in 22.1 and scored 2.22.

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After receiving a strikeout

By xingwang, 2018-06-12

In the first half of the eighth game, Joe Smith pitched and Cruz first rolled the ball out of the ground. After the poorly performing Sieger finally fired, the right outfielder's home run hit the sailors to MLB18 Stubs win hopes, 5-7; After the ball was out, Span was given a guarantee and the spaceman replaced the pitcher again. Jamel took a one-half out. This half-finished game was finally over and the astronauts kept their lead.


In the first half of the ninth inning, the astronaut sent Hector Rondo to close the door. The first hitter was the 9th catcher Zunio. After receiving a strikeout, Gordon scored a goal on the 1st goal and shot the ball out. Sailor. Soon they both went out; Segura took the third place and attacked, hitting and hitting the base. Hanige hit the ball as a tie and went on a first base. Segura hit the third base. But the last Cruz was attacked. The strike was completed and the astronauts were apprehensive and won the victory.


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Xu Guiyuan played in the match against the Minnesota Twins Newcomers League on June 6th, Beijing time. As the third best player, he selected the first bad-faith player and the second played the second base along the left field. Hitachi, this year's extended long-term spring training ability and last season have significantly improved.


Gong Haicheng was used more by the team as a backup pitcher during his first US professional baseball season. After the first two games he played in the last game, his teammates made a series of mistakes in the settlement of the defenders. After being knocked out and hitting, the coaching staff was put on protection for the purpose of  MLB18 Stubs protecting him after he had used the ball. However, the quickly adjusted Gong Haicheng played well in the second field and only one knocked out the ball in one game. Hit-and-Play, 2 times a ball flew out of the ball, including Jiang Zhenghao, a former Pittsburgh Major League Baseball player who had just returned to the United States, and Gong Haicheng's high-flying ball that was scored by Jiang Zhenghao. The 19-year-old teenager has great self-confidence.

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In the first half of the first game, Yankees took the lead in attacking. The first player of Gardiner had a very good fight recently. He had a strike rate of up to  MLB18 Stubs 450 in the past week, but he rolled the ball out in the first duel. The second was Stanton. The right fielder played long and formed a second base hit. This was Stanton's 11th second base hit this season; but Bird and Sanchez then rolled out of the game and Yankee failed to score in the first game. In the second half of the first game, the Blue Jays also hit and scored only by Solart. Teammates failed to provide fire support and ended the game.


In the second half of the second game, CC-Sabathia finished three times and three downs and sank catcher Martin and gradually entered the best stage. In the first half of the third game, Estrada also got better and improved the first hitter, Torres, and then Gardner hit the third base and rolled the earth. Sorrell caught a nice diving ball and put the ball into glove. Then Gardiner was sent off to a first base; Stanton was also struck by a brilliant round of pitching. In the second half of the third half, CC-Sabathia scored another three-goal and three-unders, and the game gradually evolved into a pitcher battle.

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The 2018 U.S. professional draft will begin on June 5th at Beijing time. Of the rookies, except for the top pick of the top scholar at the University of MLB18 Stubs Auburn, there are four other rookie pitchers who are very concerned about the rookie experts of the United States. They are Brady Singer from the University of Florida, Carter Stewart from Florida High School, Matthew Liberatore from Arizona High School and from South Florida. Shane McClanahan of the University. Based on the news from baseball rookies such as the United States, ESPN, and SBNations, we introduced the background of four other rookie pitchers.


Among them, Brady Singer became famous. Now that he is already the ace pitcher at the University of Florida, Jackson Kowar, who has the same potential, can only be his wingman. In 2015, he was selected by the Toronto Blue Jays in the second round 56. But he still chose to go to college for further study. In terms of pitching content, he has two outstanding goals. Speedball is maintained at 91-95 mph and has a natural tail, while he also has a sharp slide ball as a match. Sometimes his glide ball will be out of condition, and scouts are attributed to his lower shot angle. Now his use of the speed change ball is not high, but scouts expect that the ball can reach an average level as the number of uses increases. Some teams think that Singh currently only has 2 goals and his shooting angle is not good, and he is more suitable to serve as a backup pitcher for major leagues. Regarding his favored team considering his past achievements and his ability to attack good shots, he still believes that he will be the starting point for a midfielder in the future. With his excellent performance, the fifth overall will be picked up by the major league teams before.

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Make no mistake, though: Hayton was a big part of  NHL 18 Coins this team. He logged a lot of ice time alongside those older drafted players and held his own, often producing shifts where he was the best player on the ice, even in the playoffs. He was trusted by his coaches in all situations, including both sides of special teams.


So, was Hayton overshadowed somewhat because of his team, or did all the talent around him make him look better than he was? The answer seems to be that neither of those things were the case. This isn’t a bad thing, per se, but it should still give interested NHL teams some pause.


Hayton scored 60 points in 63 games this season, and of those 60 points, 21 came from SSM’s deadly power play. You could maybe make a slight argument that Hayton’s scoring totals were boosted a little by the PP, but you can’t really make the argument that he was held back by playing on a deep team given how he was used. Scoring totals aren’t everything, but producing slightly less than a point-per-game average as one of a team’s trusted players is a little underwhelming for a prospect who is considered a 1st round pick.


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