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I was so disappointed to see Coutinho left

By: xingwang
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In 2014, Liverpool reclaimed 75 million pounds after selling Soares to Barcelona, ??but Reds coach Rogers used the money to introduce Lambert, Aurich, Balotelli and Emre-Chan, Basically failed, the most successful Emre - Jen now seems to be free-kick to FIFA Coins Juventus.


Carragher, who had previously urged Liverpool not to let go of Coutinho in January, said: "I was so disappointed to see Coutinho left. After the first meeting with him, I never thought he would be right now Such a player, but in the past few years he has indeed become a great Liverpool player, £ 142m! Now Liverpool must make better use of the money than when Suarez left.


However, before selling Kudiniao, Liverpool just spent 75 million pounds to sign Van Dijk, if not washed away by the 75 million pounds, 140 million pounds of transfer charges of Coutinho should be able to bring to the Red Army 2,3 top-level players, taking into account the current level of players worth the football ceased the same year, if Liverpool buying vision is not bad, is entirely expected to fill vacancies left by library birds.