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Although the avalanche Sam Yang-Varamov stayed healthy most of the season

By: xingwang
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Although the avalanche Sam Yang-Varamov stayed healthy most of the season and had excellent data on the 92.0% save rate, his opponent's Pekka Rene welcomed another highlight of his career. At this moment, all the data of this season have kept ahead in the league, averaging 92.7% per game in the league ranks in the top three, and even their replacement Jusi-Saros has a 92.5% rate for the avalanche. Very difficult to  NHL Coins deal with. And unlike last season, Ruiner also reached 83.33% in the high threat ball save rate, which is in the forefront of the league, and is much higher than that of Wallamov's 80.19%, so the solution will be that he will be the avalanche team. The problem of overheating should be solved first.


However, on the scene this season, the predators did not perform well. The 49.65% high-threatening ball dominated the league in the 16th, but the avalanche team was only 47.32%. Therefore, during the regular season, the predators were even more. Rely on the goalkeeper to play, and the avalanche team is relying on a team of talented talents before they reached their current position.However, in the special service group, the avalanche team has a subtle advantage. In addition, they score 21.1% vs. 21.2% of the total score for the low goal rate. With less success and more success rate, they also take initiative with 83.3% and 81.9%. Can this be their breakthrough?