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Latest KAWS Air Jordan 8 Custom 2017 For Sale

By: zx1314
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Cheap Jordans 2017, Well-known artist KAWS and Jordan Brand this year to complete the joint plan, which also has a friend's version of the "black section", recently came out with Supreme will start a new wave of cooperation design, KAWS every move caused by friends They are hot. Recently, designers from True Blue Customs created a KAWS x Air Jordan 8 custom shoes, the overall style around the commercial version of the gray suede structure, fill the KAWS signs "Companion hand" pattern, the details of the performance is excellent The.
In March, Jordans 2017 dropped an edition of the Air Jordan 4 Retro designed by NYC based artist KAWS. Sneaker customizer Billy Hobbs has taken inspiration from the sneaker to sculpt an edition of the Air Jordan 8. Hobbs uses the Cool Grey edition of the Air Jordan 8 for the design, covering it with KAWS graphics. He couldn't have picked a better Air Jordan, as this Air Jordan 8 already comes in Cool Grey. Giving the shoe its official KAWS style, Hobbs covered the entire retro with detailing from NYC based artist KAWS. Billy Hobbs, better known as truebluecustoms on Instagram, has taken inspiration from the KAWS x Air Jordan 4 and applied it to a custom pair of Air Jordan 8s. Donning the same grey hue as the original, the 8s get a slew of hands, fingers and double x's in the form of embossing instead of the stitching featured on the original 4s.
New Jordans 2016, If you really wanted the KAWS 4s for their look and not just their hype, then you're going to need these Air Jordan 8s. The baller echoes the design of the sought-after colab with "Cool Grey" uppers built with tactile suede. Detailing differs in that these won't come with a glow-in-the-dark sole or Xs emblazoned on the heels, but the AJ8 has its own charm. Black and grey camo appears at the heel, the heel straps bear "Air Jordan" in raised letters and the pull tab salutes the model's inaugural year. In addition, KAWS' famed double x's are painted onto the rear heel section. What's worth mentioning is that the Cool Grey base pair seems to be the exact same AJ8s that DJ Khaled and Asahd previewed for us back in August.